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What We Do

At Praveen Infotech, it is our belief that our relationship with our customer doesn’t end the moment he or she walks out the door, in fact it’s just gets started. As a company, Praveen Infotech is mainly concerned with on sale of computer hardware, laptops, desktop, mobiles, tablets, peripherals and server spares to the domestic market. We partner leading brands like Asus, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, AOC, Microsoft etc. to ensure you get the best products available on the market. We provide complete customer based solutions and support to go with our top of the line products. Our main focus is on top of the line customer service with a human touch.

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  • Praveen Kumar S

    An industry veteran with many years of hands-on experience in the field.…

  • Shiva Prasad S

    A consummate professional, Shiva has been a part of multiple successful teams and projects…

New & Used Computers:

  • New Computers.

    Picking the right computer to suit your needs is getting increasingly complicated. There are hundreds of models out there, and to a casual user, all the technical details and specifications can get incredibly confusing and overwhelming.

    At Praveen Infotech, we have top industry professionals and helpful staff who will make the process of selecting the best computers a straightforward affair. Just let us know your price range and what you’ll be using the computer for- Whether you’re looking for a basic laptop, an affordable mid range machine, or a high performance computer, we have it all.

  • Used computers.
    All of our used/refurbished computers are designed to last. The technicians over here at Praveen Infotech carefully restore all the laptops to their original factory settings. We offer full round the clock service to all our satisfied customers.
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computer help

  • 1. Give us a call.
    Pick up your phone and give us a call. Or send us an email and leave your contact details, information about your computer (brand, model No), and a brief description about your issues.
  • 2. Set an appointment.
    Our friendly customer care unit will contact you pick a convenient time for a visit from one of our seasoned technicians.
  • 3. Home or office visit.
    Our technician drops in on time to learn more about your issue perform a primary diagnostic and gives you a quote.